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They were taken in the Menie area during 2007

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Pointing out the facts about the planned Trump Organisation Housing Development here in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Tripping Up Trump

Well we really do live in Interesting times it would appear what with Miss Malone the VP at Trump International marrying Damian Bates the editor of the Press and Journal some clarity has been shone on shady dealings but we can leave that alone and just wish them luck as a couple and hope that a little integrity and honesty blesses their relationship.


There have been new trees planted at Menie, deliberatley to block the view of the Milnes, even if it is very unlikely those trees will survive the climate in the area, the significant sums of money being spent to attempt to spoil someone elses virew is testament to the childish nature of the people involved.


When we add to that, we have the issue of non existant planning applications, greens and fairways being sprayed blue, tents going up in place of the fancy clubhouse that was promised, trees at the top of the driveway being replaced with more trees because the first lot died (maybe a lesson to be learned here) and all the rest of the strange goings on we need a real reporter to tell the story so I will leave that to Aberdeen Voice and suggest that you read it as and when it comes out, telling the truth and pointing out the facts as they do so well.


In addition David Milne has spent the last four months in discussion with the clerks of the Holyrood Parliament and has now come to an agree ment with them on the wording of a petition to be lodged. This petition (which is now active and being hosted by 38 Degrees and can be accessed here) is calling for an inquiry into the handling of the Trump Project by all official bodies that have any dealings with this organisation.


There is a button below which will take you directly to the petition site, where you can read a little more, learn about exactly what we are asking for and, please, sign the petition.

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