Blinded by the Bling??

We have decided to put together a book on the subject of the proposed housing development here at Menie. It has been written and published by David Milne who is also the publisher of this website and a member of the pressure group Sustainable Aberdeenshire which has been extremely successful in spreading the facts about this proposed development across the world.


It simply states the facts and puts all the various claims, from both sides of the argument forward, in a fair and impartial manner. Allowing the reader to make up their own mind about whether or not this housing development is actually of any long term benefit to Scotland, the UK or indeed the world.


By the time you are reading this, the book should be available through either the website or directly from us here, right now. Just use the button above, next to the book and you can pay by credit card through either Paypal or Nochex, both reputable and safe payment processors that ensure your credit card details are never seen by us. Just make sure and leave us an address where to send your book!!!


If you want to order it else where, it should be available at any bookseller who orders from the main distributors. What you will need is the ISBN number which is 978-0-9559269-0-7.



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While 'Blinded by the B ling??' is still available via Waterstones, Amazon or any other quality book sellers, we are stopping sales direct from this website to allow us to concentrate on other projects.


If you are having difficulty obtaining a copy however, we may be able to help.

MilHouse Publishing

Milhouse Publishing are the agents handling the sale of

'Blinded by the Bling??'

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