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Well some of you may be aware we have launched launched a petition to be submitted to the Scottish Government, petitions committee, with the view to getting the law changed. It will be an online petition once we get it agreed that we have complied with all the requirements of the parliament. It will also be a hard copy petition. Once we have it agreed there will be a button here to take you straight to the relevant government website to sign up there.


The aim of the petition is two fold, firstly to prevent another party be they developer, neighbour, or some other person from applying for planning permission to do anything with you property without your permission. The only exception would be for true infrastructure purposes - schools hospitals and public services (water and drainage etc.) - private profit would not be acceptable.


Secondly is to try and provide protection for our designated wild spaces like Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI's) which are supposedly protected but here we are seeing a SSSI destroyed allegedly for economic gain with no realistic supporting evidence provided.


Until then, and probably beyond, we are supplying a download version of the petition form and the background detail that you may need to convince your friends and colleagues to sign up. They are available from the buttons below.


Petition Form Detail Information