Memories 131010


I find it quite laughable that, according to today's Press & Journal, Aberdeenshire Council is poised to approve the detailed application by the Trump Organisation for their so called championship golf course. I have little doubt that they will do so and make idiots of themselves again as they did last month when they 'approved' the masterplan document.


Some of the councillors were so eager to do the bidding of their new master they even tried to call the matter to a vote before the debate had started; something even Aberdeenshire Council rules do not allow them to do!


As it is, the permission was granted but, in many peoples eyes, and the eyes of the law it is not worth the paper it is scrawled on (probably in crayon, they shouldn't allow these people sharp objects) due to the fact that here are still legal challenges outstanding against the outline permission and so the full and detailed permission has no validity - and neither will the next one. This means that, due to granting non valid permission, the council may well end up owing the Trump Organisation compensation. Unfortunately that would probably mean that the tax payers of Aberdeenshire will end up paying for the failure of these people to do their job, but then they have ignored us all so far, even the very public fact that 64% of the population of this country do not want this development in its current form.


It will be 2011 before they have to answer to the public and many of them will believe you and I will have forgotten their failures by then, I doubt that.


David Milne