Memory 040608

22nd May 2008

So there has been a little movement around the development and environmental concerns. First the Trump Organisation ‘adjusted’ their plans to reduce the amount of stabilisation required (branded as taking the environmental concerns onboard but more likely a cost saving measure). This little ‘tweak’ was of no real significance and has effectively been ignored by any one who actually understands the situation.Then the RSPB and SWT revealed an amended layout that would actually work as far as the SSSI goes but takes no consideration of the infrastructure requirements of the rest of the new town. This was dismissed, apparently without consideration, by the Trump Organisation, notwithstanding the respected position of the designer, Mike Wood, Chairman of the Environment Committee of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects.


Then in yesterdays Press and Journal we see a return to form for the Trump Organisation with the threat being reiterated, that if they do not get everything their own way they will walk away. While todays P&J includes a comment from Martin Hawtree about how they 'must' build on the SSSI; Whatever happend to Tom Fazio Jnr anyway??


I find it difficult to accept the comments routinely made by the Trump Organisation that they want to work with all the involved parties then public statements are made that mean no compromise is acceptable to them in any way.


In this campaign, so far, the Trump Organisation has been accused of bullying and threatening tactics several times. This looks suspiciously like good reason for another accusation of the same ilk.