memory 040808

Well we now approach the end of the third week of the Public Local Inquiry at the AECC and so far those of us against this application, really have very little to fear based on the evidence presented to date. Almost without exception those called in defence of this application have had to admit that it is damaging and destructive and would provide benefit to no one other than the Trump Organisation.


It was even described as being 'high risk' by Donald trump himself, who at least spent more than ninety seven seconds at the AECC. The admission that up to ninety per cent of the funding would require to be borrowed and that even if it was to go ahead they may have to re schedule the build programme becuse they could not afford to build the hotel just now was severly damaging to their preposterous claims.


Still, however, not as damaging as the fact that the 'Council' are appearing in support of the application without any legal basis to do so. While those in support of the legal position of the council now have to appear without the formal legal representation that is their right.


That is almost as damaging as that done to the reputation of the Scottish Parliament by the unprecedented call in of a refuised application in the first place. Alex Salmond has a lot to answer to, especially when you add his recent publicity stunts with supporter and benfactor of the party (not necessarily Scotland) Sir Sean Connery