Memory 070509

It would appear that I am going to make a habit of being dissappointed in the actions of the Scottish Government, at around lunchtime of the 16th of December 2008 they announced under cover of two other major news stories that the Trump Organisation had finally received their outline planning permission ofr their housing development at Menie.


This is the classic trick of burying bad news under other things, a tactic often used by those who are ashamed of what they have doen and are maybe begining to realise that they will have no control henceforth.


The issuing of the planning permission must mean (if the rules have been followed that is) that the section 75 agreement has been signed. It will be interesting to compare the final document with that presented immediately after the public inquiry, (according to practice it should have been ready before the inquiry, but...) The comparison will be necessary to see what has been removed by the Scottish Government to make it easier for the Trump Organisation to desecrate the landscape here. Whatever is in the document it is now the responsibility of Aberdeenshire Council to enforce, so judging by the integrity shown by them to date, that will not happen.


All protected sites in the Uk are now fair game for any developer who claims to have sufficient money, a good PR campaign was waht won this battle not the facts, that much is obvious to anyone who cares to look.


But the point is this was a battle, not the war: That is not over yet.