Memory 080111


Well this week has been interesting, with the Trump Organisation making fools of themselves again on national television, telling the presenter that she hadn't done her research, then claiming all seven of the environmental bodies at the public local inquiry were in support of the project when in fact they all opposed the project and then, just to cap it all coming out with the old 93% claim that has proven, yet again unprovable - simply because it is fictitious.


Then to cap it all we have Selina Scott standing up and pointing out the injustices in the situation and the failings and what do they do? Simple, roll out chief flunkey George Sorial to debunk a respected presenter with yet more myth and hyperbole (I'm being very polite here) All he succeeded in doing was showing just how far out of touch with reality the Trump Organisation actually are.


Now that a second golf course in Aberdeenshire is in financial trouble (that's two this year) maybe some of the politicos will start to realise they are flogging a dead horse trying to sell this housing development to the general public who appear to be a lot smarter than they are, not that that would be difficult.



David Milne