Memory 100609

It is with some amusement that I have been watching the antics of the Trump Organisation over the last few months as the press tried to convince everyone that they had started work when all they had done was to do some bore holes to convince themselves that the land around here really is clay all the way down. Then the master negotiators piece where they had managed to attain some really good deals while the actual price of building materials has increased dramatically since the New Year.


Then there was their financial predicament overseas. In one city they defaulted on a payment and started a court battle claiming ‘force majeur’ Elsewhere their casinos business filed for Chapter eleven and the Securities Exchange Commission had to get involved, the development in Dubai had to be stopped due to lack of sales and the Baja development which carries their name (through a licensing deal) went bust having spent all the investors money and built nothing. (these can be found by having a browse through the back copies of the ‘Wall Street Journal’ ‘International Herald Tribune’ or ‘Los Angeles Times’ amongst many others)


However it is important to remember that those who are actually guilty of promoting this destruction of Scottish identity, pride, heritage and environment are the politicians who have so badly failed their constituents and in particular the silent majority who do not want to see this housing development go ahead.


It is unlikely that anything will happen this season as the land is ploughed and sown and the majority of the marks for development have vanished under an arable crop planted recently; however there are changes planned and I would ask that all those interested keep a close eye on new planning applications over the next few months.