Memory 100909

Well we have now been advised that we cannot talk to any of the councillors about the compulsory purchase because it is related to the planning applications they  (the Trump Organisation) have in at the moment.


Having read the relevant rules and procedures I do not believe this to be the case, however the rules have been written for the benefit of the applicant and are currently being used for the benefit of the applicant. Unfortunately that means they are being used against the constituents and home owners that the council is supposed to represent.


I can now only request everyone who reads this submits a representation to the council and objects to the planning applications. I would also request that each councillor actually votes. In a situation like this each 'no vote' is a vote againt the homeowners.


Please speak out and defend your rights (and ours) now.


David Milne


Remember you could be next to get thrown out to support a commercial enterprise.