Memory 101212

Well well well, the old Chinese curse of may you live in interesting times appears to be coming true - but for whom?


The screening of the documentary film "You've Been Trumped" last night (21st October 2012) appears to be stirring the nest of vipers once more as the truth is exposed and made clear to all who are interested in listening. It also seems that the villain of the piece is upset about the facts becoming public, isn't that a pity.


For those who have been following on Facebook the paypal links appears to be working again to some extent at least from this site and the best I can do  is make the sale of shopping bags available again. There is a shop button above and the funds go straight to Tripping up Trump and do not stop in my possession at all


As you can all see there is now a simple 'Add to Cart' button here on this page, (top right corner)  - It will automatically default to £5 but you can donate as many times as you want or if you want to donate less go to the paypal website and the email address you need is


 Thanks a lot.


If you have a Kindle or one of  teh reader apps or your PC or other device there are two books available free via Amazon, one is information and the other is just a thank you from me (David Milne) for showing interest in the situation. The links are below - you might need to copy and paste into your web browser.