memory 110308

20th February 2008


So it has been some time since we updated this page. Its not that we have gone away or anything like that. We just thought it would be better to wait and see what is happening elsewhere with the political sideshow that is ongoing at Holyrood, so we did not get accused of delaying the process or anything like that.


Once the 'poiticos' have completed their investigation the relevant parties will be free to announce what way they are going to deal with the application. As you are probably aware there are three choices, written submissions, an informal hearing, or our prefered option which is the Public Local Inquiry (PLI). In the interests of transparent honesty and protection of the integrity of the Parliament it is really the only viable option open to them. Anything else tends to show preferential treatment which is precisely what the Trump Organisation has stated they don't want.


So lets just wait and see, and keep an eye open for the outcome of the petitions committee decision as well, that could be interesting.