Memory 111110

Well, it had been quiet for a while with only RGU humiliating itself in front of the  world by giving a degree for business acumen to a man who has been bankrupt more than once. Now however they, that's the Trump Organisation and their local representatives, have sunk to a new low, not only are they now claiming part of my property as theirs they are now threatening to take down my boundary fence and are also threatening a corner of my garage.


They say their measurements are more accurate than mine. The problem is the boundaries they are threatening are those set out by the government in 1956 or thereby when this site was first struck off from the surrounding farm and in fact the fences are still original.


I have notified the police of this threat and advised them that I will view any such action as an act of criminal damage. I would therefore expect the perpetrators of such an act to be prosecuted.


Now we have to wait and see if such arrogance is manifested in reality or if it proves itself to be  nothing more than the threat of a bully.




David Milne