Memory 121207

07th December 2007


Okay, so things have changed a little lately. The local Authority, did what they are paid to do, listened to the facts, made a balanced decision and took a vote, which rejected the Trump application by nine votes to five in favour of referring it back to the applicant to think again and resubmit. The next stage was another vote where they decided to reject the application completely on a casting vote.


This is where the 'pro' lobby went mad and began hurling insults as well as a good mixture that could be described as slander and libel. Obviously democracy doesn't fit with their plans.


The Scottish government then called in a decided application, something that I believed was not legally possible for them to do. However, disagree or not it has happened, so we deal with this unexpected development as best as we can in the same way we always have. No insults, no hysterics, no personal insults, just logic and facts.


It is imperative that we get a Public Local Inquiry to decide this matter as it is the only way to ensure transparent honesty and protect the integrity of the Scottish Parliament especially when so many people at Holyrood, and elsewhere, have compromised their position in public discussion and debate already.


Once this is all over and the application is finally consigned to the garbage of history where it belongs, we can get on with the subject of sustainable development of this area for future generations of people from all over the world and the way forward in a strong, viable and coherent Scotland where we do what we say and say what we do. Unlike some want to do in this case!