Memory 140510


Well, we have had some interesting moments lately. It all really started I guess with my attendance at the latest sales exhibition held by the Trump Organisation on the12th of March 2010. It was in the garden suite at the Udny Arms in Newburgh. A nice local hotel with the distinction of being the true birthplace of the now infamous Sticky Toffee Pudding. Anyway, I digress. I was invited to attend this exhibition by the trump Organisation themselves by means of both letter and email, so I went along to see what they were showing people. We had seen the press release they issued which had my home and that of my neighbours airbrushed out of existence so I was not actually expecting much from this little show and was not disappointed.


It began to get interesting after I had spoken to the press and pointed out that my home was not shown on the drawings and I was in discussion with two of  the professionals involved in the works

when I was subjected to an unprovoked verbal assault by Neil Hodbay, faithfully recorded by the TV crews who were present. Subsequently Neil Hobday and Sarah Malone both slandered me  in the press, both saying I had been lying; Something I do not do.


I wrote to them both on the Monday afterwards demanding an apology or that they substantiate their allegations with a deadline of the following Friday (19th March) It is now more than a week beyond that deadline and neither an apology or substantiation has been received.


In my understanding, failure to substantiate is an admission that their comments were untrue and slanderous. This is a good indication of the type people we are dealing with. Take heed and think twice before dealing with these people.


David Milne