Memory 151209

Okay, so the Trump Organisations sales expo at the White Horse Inn in Balmedie was a bit of a flop by all accounts. The model, that was the centrepiece of their show appears to be innacurate to a large degree, the film looked to be about three years old and the posterstold us nothing new at all.


I was also advised by one of the presenters that this 'show' was originally intended to be delivered in March, so they are at least six months behind their own schedule and falling further behind by the day.


More importantly the petition is gathering strength day by day and the public statements of support are coming from all directions and levels now; members of the public as well as politicians of all parties and persuasions. It is very heartening for those of us threatened with compulsory purchase to know that the vote that will be taken on the 1st of October looks to be very much in favour of the civil liberties and human rights of the local population and not for an unecessary purchase that will make no real difference to the development at all. The one thing that the sales expo at the White Horse showed was that removing the homes that are under threat will only result a poor and uninteresting development with no natural or local context and a massive disfigurement of the natural landscape that will blight this area and its potential for sustainable development forever more.


Please speak to the councillors, try and convince them that the only way out from the immoral and unethical pressure that the Trump Organisation is attempting to apply is to vote in agreement with the vast majority of the population of this country and for the long term good of this area against the Compulsory Purchase Orders.