Memory 160213

As we said at the last update, interesting times indeed. Especially now that the editor of the largest selling golf magazine in the UK has come out and said he is boycotting the Trump course at Menie, maybe some other golfers will as well.


The recent announcement of the Glenfiddich Scot of the Year 'Top Scot' Award being presented to Mike Forbes of Menie shows the support right across the country is growing as it has been from  the start. It appears that the censorship of fact being conducted by the local print media is starting to relax as the information escape past them and into the wider world.


Another piece of good news, mentioned above, is that Bill Elliot, the editor of Golf Monthly, the largest selling Golf Magazine in the UK has now come out and stated that he is boycotting the course and reccomends other to search their conscience and do the same; from what we hear that is happening right across the board with many people changing their plans now they know the truth.


Trump is busy claiming that bookings for next year are higher than expected - well that wouldn't be difficult now would it?


Time moves on and we watch the weather closing in on this site along with all the other aspects like financial pressures from disgruntled investors. Chinese whisper? maybe, after all we have been told lies in an attempt to discredit us before, but lets just wait and see what happens.