Memory 181208

Well, it happened, just as some cynics said it would. I for one am disappointed that the Scottish Government showed themselves to be as weak as they have done. I was literally amazed that they gave the applicant everything he asked for as well as letting him off with affordable housing 'gift' that they have given him.


However it has to be noted that the Trump Organisation has not yet signed the section seventy five document so therefore the outline planning permission is not live. Do I expect the local authority to do as they are paid to do and they have done to every other applicant to date? Judging by their attitude and actions to date, along with the attempt to purge themselves of every councillor with integrity and a conscience I am not holding my breath. Aberdeenshire council will roll over at every single demand the Trump organisation makes.


So it is back to us and others like us. there is no legal recourse other than taking the case to Europe which is being considered by at least one of our backers but more immediately we need to watch and act where appropriate and within the limits of the law.


Keep watching, keep listening, and let’s see what happens. They may yet go to Ireland if that is not just another negotiating ploy as they have used before. After all, it worked last time.


It is a pity that the only green in the Scottish Governments policy is the colour of US banknotes, they need to remember though that even American citizens have trouble telling a hundred dollar bill from a one dollar bill.