Memory 200208

12th December 2007


I have just come from Woodhill House after watching an example of how democracy should never be misused against an individual who did his job by following all the rules and abiding by the accepted principles of his position. Councillor Martin Ford was the victim of a vote of no confidence raisd by Councillor Cox and seconded by Councillor Robertson.  All through the debate everyone repreated that Martin Ford had followed the council rules and abided by procedures to the letter, even to using his casting vote to support the status quo in the Trump decision at the Infrastructure Services Committtee meeting on  the 29th of November. Still they voted him out with 26 votes against 10 with the remainder being abstentions, 29 of them. Those that did not vote are pitiful. If they can not make a decision to either support or reject a man whom you have admitted did no wrong then you should not be a councillor.


This is a sad day for democracy in Scotland when trial by gutter press carries more weight than honesty and integrity.


It was however admitted that this authority has no longer any power over the planning application and it is solely in the hands of the Scottish Government. Such a despicable and unsupportable decision as has been described above only reinforces the need for a Public Local Inquiry to ensure transparent honesty and to preserve the integrity of the Parliament.