Memory 200909


Okay, so we now have outline planning permission on our land for a golf resort, hotel and housing. So that means we can apply for detail planning for some of this work and it would be interesting to see the councils reaction to that happening.


In effect these planning permissions that now exist on the five plots of land are completely worthless to the Trump Organisation as they cannot do anything with them until they own the land, which will not happen without the compulsory purchase orders from the council.


There is an online petition which is gathering a huge amount of signatures already, but a few more wont do any harm. The button to take you to the petition site is on the left, the big red one, so you shouldn't be able to miss it.


All of this relates to the council meeting of the 1st of September where the council granted planning permission to the trump organisation as I have laughingly mentioned above.


The council failed to issue the councillors with copies of the representations nor did they publish them on the website. They didn't even have them available for inspection at the meeting as they had said in the letters they sent out to those of who had asked to speak to the meeting.


This means that they have failed to follow their own process and procedures and as a result the legality of the permission is even more in doubt than it was earlier due to the lack of environmental assessments. All this proves is that the council is not acting in the best interests of its constituents, thats you and me, and I cant help but wonder what they think they are gaining by acting in this manner.


David Milne