memory 220508

14th May 2008


Todays Press and Journal has a small but interesting article on the front page stating that the course has been redesigned to reduce its impact on the Site of Special Scientific Interest. This, while it has to be welcomed, is simply not enough to change our position.


This manoeuvre, smacks of cynicism and a last minute attempt to divert attention from the truth of the matter that this is really a new town in the countryside where there is no supporting infrastructure. The golf course is merely an attempt to blind people to the tower blocks and mass housing that is planned for an area of spectacular beauty. To allow this minor change in the plans to divert the attention from the real matters would be a major mistake.


More importantly, if they can now move the course with such ease, why was it not done earlier??


Or is it merely an attempt to divert the inquiry from what really matters, the long term damage that approval of this application would do to Scotlands Planning regime and the environmental laws that supposedly protect our countryside??


I do not believe that most people will be blinded by yet another piece of slightly tarnished bling.