Memory 240610

Well, we live in interesting times indeed, I have just been advised, by a rather circuitous route, that Neil Hobday has left the Trump Organisation and is no longer involved with the development at Menie. The official line is that as a consultant his role within the project had come to a natural end.


The departure of this Project Director may mean that a genuine channel of dialogue may be available to all parties involved with the usual proviso that everything is up for discussion with the exception of the sale of the homes of the residents who do not wish to sell.


Other than that, very little is happening on the ground, most of the Irish construction team have left the site, and as far as we can tell all the grass planters have gone home (wherever that might actually be, because they weren't local either).  Some of the estate staff were apparently laid off last week when George Sorial and Donald junior were over and all that appears to be happening is the construction of  a 'bermed' compound at Leyton Farm - I'm not sure that they have planning permission for that but I doubt that Aberdeenshire council will do anything about it.


Things are changing and the realities are maybe starting to bite - lets wait and see what the next development will be, I doubt that they will be able to dig themselves out of the bunker they find themselves in. Buried in sand and flailing around is possibly the way they will be remembered locally.



David Milne