Memory 260608

Like many people I have been following the activity at the AECC, in the form of the public Local Inquiry into the Trump Organisations planned housing development at Menie, and was not really surprised to see the local media pull out some of the local big guns in the form Stewart Milne (Stewart Milne Group) and Willie Milne (Balmoral Group) after the complete failure of Donald Trump to impress the public and the press on Monday.


Donald Trump showed an impressive lack of knowledge of the application and its implications when he gave his evidence. Couple that with an overly active imagination and you have  the factual innacuracies in his statements about dead carcasses of birds lying around and rubbish being dumped on the site. Add to that the stories of never having seen anyone when he is there and we have a very good result for those of us on the side of the planning law and guidance that this development breeches by the shedload.


Back to our local heroes, whilst I have immense respect for these two people and their business acumen that has led them to their current positions, I have to have major doubts about the conclusions that they are claiming to draw from the situation were this application to be rejected outright as it should be.


The rejection of this exploitative and damaging application would in fact send out the message that you should only consider working here if  you intend doing so in a sustainable and long term manner as these two men currently do. Unless, of course, they want to admit that is not what they are actually doing??