Memory 270210


Interesting times indeed. The local paper, that’s the Press and Journal, has decided to finally state its position formally and on Saturday the 12th of December 2009 it published three articles by Ryan Crichton with an editorial to back them up. The articles had no real news and made a number of inaccurate assertions about Tripping Up Trump with absolutely no basis in fact.


What has happened is that The Liverpudlian editor of the Aberdeenshire newspaper has defended the intentions of a New York based non resident land owner to trample on the Human Rights of local residents with the support of his Edinburgh based legal team by revoking the inalienable right of free speech of the campaign group simply because a few members live out with the immediate area.


The fact that this development has in fact been described by the Scottish government of being of significance at a national level appears to have missed the editor entirely as has the fact this is one of the reasons that the Trump Organisation has so much international opposition due to its bullying and threatening manner.