Memory 271108

Well, - As most of you will have heard by now, those that were listening anyway, in a less than audible public fanfare the report from the Public Local Inquiry has been released to the Government Ministers. I had always been under the impression that these were public documents, it has now been pointed out to me ( and proven by this situation) that they need not be so.


The reporters findings are not to be made public, oh they will be one day, after the event and I am sure that a 'freedom of information' request could be made but due to the time scale and the fact that they will probably be made public after John Swinney has made his determination known I do not see any value in that at this time.


Due to the twenty eight days that John Swinney limited himself to back in the spring when he announced the Public Inquiry initially he has to issue his findings on or before the 12th of November.


The point here is that this is going to be a political statement one way or the other. if it comes out to be what the SNP believe to be a positive statement it will, in my opinion, be issued before the Glenrothes by election on November 6th in an attempt to gain from it. If however it is seen as negative by the SNP it may well be issued on the same day as the results of the Glenrothes by election in an attempt to bury bad news.


What way do I think it will go? well I have my personal opinion and at the moment I will keep that to myself.


Now we have to wait and see whether they really want an independant Scotland or just to swap the 'yoke of westminster' for the clink and jangle of the infamous 'yankee dollar'