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So, yet again we find ourselves in interesting times. Our 'local' paper still fails to abide by anything remotely like the rules of decency or realistic behaviour. Taking lessons from their mentors, the Trump Organisation I have no doubt who are still apparently claiming to be ahead of schedule. I find this so pathetic as to be laughable. Anyone with a memory can recall that in 2006 they (the Trump Organisation) claimed they would have golfers on the course in 2008!! It's now 2010 and they are falling further behind every day. They were advised at the council meeting that planting grass in November was not a good idea and so they carried on and did it anyway. The end result is that half of it appears to have died in the frost and a good proportion of the rest of it has been good grazing for the deer and other wildlife that has been suffering this winter.


This has been described as the worst winter in thirty years, for those of you with a spiritual belief maybe there is something in that coincidence that makes it obvious this destruction is not meant to happen in any way at all. When you add to that the fact that they are getting vehicles stuck on a regular basis ( including the shiny new Land Rover of Peter White just yesterday) it must make it all the more galling and disappointing for them as they stop and realise they have lost so much support both locally and nationally, not to mention internationally due to their attitude and negative approach to the real world. That may even be one of the

 reasons that they have gone ahead and, without planning permission, built new access roads in and out of the site. This was after they ignored what their legal counsel (Anne Faulds of Dundas and Wilson) told the planning committee about roads and access methods.


Where have we seen this before??


David Milne