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30th April 2008


Well todays news, of Donald Trump planning to attend the Public Local Inquiry somewhat overshadows yesterdays news of the withdrawal of application 2007/1517 (for full planning permission for a championshiop golf course and driving range).


This is a very interesting development and will be the first time he has appeared here in any situation he does not have full control over. If he appears as any other witness to the inquiry has to, he will be subject to questioning and cross examination. If he is not subject to the same rules as anyone else it will merely be another press conference and should be ignored completely in terms of factual evidence.


Listening to the radio on  the way home this evening I heard Geoff Runcie, Chief executive of the Aberdeen Chamber of commerce being interviewed on this subject and I thought it an interesting admission that he did not relish the the fact that the objectors would be able to present evidence and cross examine witnesses as they (we) had already had enough airtime.


It almost sounded like he was frightened of the effect the truth could have on the campaign.


Maybe he, like some others, has been Blinded by the Bling??