Memory 300709


Well this has been a very interesting week with the final release into the public domain of the fact that the Trump Organisation has in fact already asked Aberdeenshire council to exercise its powers of compulsory purchase, which they have carefully avoided admitting until now.


We have always been aware that they are an unethical and immoral organisation and this is the final part of the proof of that, if any such proof was required.


Compulsory Purchase of private dwellings is technically legal under Scots law but is a very rare occurrence due to the fact that it is immoral and very few people wish to have their names associated with it.


However it is possible and if it goes ahead here it can happen anywhere, to anyone. So the question is, who is next? If it goes ahead here it means that any developer can apply for planning permission for your home, and a compulsory purchase order to make it viable for him to do what he wants with the 'land and property' that you used to call home.


Take care and watch your back, you may be next.



David Milne


PS those of you that want to enjoy the Balmedie Dunes can assist our cause by joining in the Last of the Summer Dunes picnic on Sunday the 26th of July from 12 to 5. We will meet at the car park around twelve o'clock.