Memory Page

It was with horror that I listened to local radio (Northsound One) this morning, 11th October 2007 and heard Griegsy and his 'sidekick' Peter giving away free advertisng to the Trump Organisation and their housing development, by descibing it as a golf course, that would provide lots of jobs and money for the economy. This is ignorance and laziness to bother finding out the truth before making a fool of themselves on air. This development will bring about 1250 jobs both on and off the estate with almost 2000 accomodation units including a 400 unit for staff. Does that mean they will be local people?? The buildings are going to have the same final elevation as the tower blocks in Seaton and be visible for 15 kilometres or 10 miles. As for money that arguement has not been proved and cannot be proved as the details are changed with every press conference.  To make matters worse they then got material facts wrong while they slandered a neighbour of mine (Mike Forbes). Who will probably be given no opportunity to correct the facts. When I tried to telephone them to correct the matter, they diodn't answer. Lets wait and see if the complaint lodged on their website is acknowledged or ignored.


I hope Northsound Radio have the courage to correct this false impression they are giving of the destruction of a uniquie environment or will they be at the front of the queue demanding something be done once all the special areas of this world are gone.