Real Information

Sustainable Aberdeenshire now exists, maybe a little late in getting organised, but we can still do something.


We were able to make a good impression at the public hearing at Balmedie Primary School on Thursday 27th September. The Trump argument was shown to be insubstantial and incomplete. A number of important technical reports that are required for determination are incomplete and were not ready for presentation. It was also horrifying and disappointing to find out that the only financial figures that have been considered to date are those submitted by the Trump Organisation. I find it hard to understand how the council planners can have recommended this application, for a housing development completely outwith both the structure and local plans, without any credible figures to work on; especially when the only legal way to overturn the SSSI designation is if the application is of 'significant economic benefit' to the country. - Note it has to be of national significance, not just local.


The meeting showed that the representations supporting the application are mainly of a 'cut and paste' type with no real thought or research having gone into them. It is disappointing that these have the same weight as the carefully considered, detailed and precise representations against the application for a housing development.


The Trump contingent looked deflated and dismayed at the weight of opposition as about 60% of the crowd were obviously against their patronising and imprecise presentations.